How to Cast a Circle

Published November 24, 2014 by BellaStarEnterpris

I like this casting


Casting Circle Casting Circle

How to Cast a Circle

Casting a circle involves several steps. The following lays this out for you in detail. Please see the post on Alter Setup for the placement of the tools on your altar, also see what is a magick circle if you are wondering why you need to do this in the first place.


Before you begin, you will need:

1)            A table for the altar.

2)            Candles and candle holders for the four directions in the colors that represent each (red for south, blue for west, green for north, yellow for east.)

3)            A red candle for the god and a green candle for the goddess. These candle colors are preferable but not mandatory. You may also use white candles if that is all you have.

4)            A working candle to represent the element Fire.

5)            A cup or chalice.

6)            An…

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