Looking For Supplys for Alters.

Published December 3, 2014 by BellaStarEnterpris

Merry Meets

Yes we all know we can go to a site on the web and get Alters Kit and they are great. I have got a few of them and love them but one thing I love to do is go to the second hand shops, yard sales…ect. and find tool for my alters tools. Sometimes I don’t know what and where I am going to use them but it calls out to me I will pick it up. I will put it up and when I go to set up my alter go to my boxes and start to pull stuff out. It like opening a present of new things that I love.

All I am saying is to enjoy the process of setting up your alter. You will have a better connection when you put thought into it. Witchcraft is using your instinct and what fits you and your spirit.

Many blessing to you, may you find light and love in your path

2014 Yule Alter

2014 Yule Alter

cost 16.00

cost 16.00


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